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Please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman if you have anything which may be of use in this project.
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arrow The fete is back with a bang! Fete 2022
After two years away ( not our choice!), the Little Chesterford fete returned on Saturday 11th of June. No one quite knew how things would go ( would the volunteers turn up? would the public turn up )) but, in the end, it was a superb return. Lots of keen volunteers, even more keen members of the public. All helped by beautiful weather! I'd like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to those who helped set up, man ( should that be person? ) the stalls, organise the car parking, gave tractor & traction engine rides and, most importantly, cleared up afterwards. A special word of thanks to those working in the background to organise the event. There are a lot of unsung heroes slaving away to make sure we have a fete to remember!
Ian Couchman

arrow A tribute to those from Little Chesterford lost in the Great War: Silent Movie

arrow The Village Hall Management Committee wants to start a collection of pictures relation to Little Chesterford. If you have anything you think would be of interest, which you would be prepared to allow us to copy, please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman

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