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Please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman if you have anything which may be of use in this project.
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arrow The Neighbourhood Plan.
The Great and Little Chesterford Neighbourhood Plan is an important document describing how the villages could develop over the next 15 years. It must be taken into account when planning decisions are made. As the two villages are linked together in many ways, a single plan is being developed for both villages by a group of representatives from both villages. There will be opportunities to contribute to the plan as it develops, and it is hoped to complete the plan by October 2016.

Here is an outline of the neighbourhood plan scheme: Outline of Neighbourhood Plan scheme

Following on from our recent village survey, a summary of the results are here:Summary of survey results

With detailed results here:Detailed survey results

Presentation at Gt Chesterford PC, Community Centre 7:30 pm 10th Feb
Presentation at Gt Chesterford PC, Community Centre 7:30 pm 9th March

arrow The Village Hall Management Committee wants to start a collection of pictures relation to Little Chesterford. If you have anything you think would be of interest, which you would be prepared to allow us to copy, please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman

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