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Please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman if you have anything which may be of use in this project.
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Proposed Planning Application for Land East of London Road

Outline planning permission has now been granted for 76 houses to the west of London Road, (adjacent to Great Chesterford but in Little Chesterford Parish) and the developers, Hill, are now preparing a planning application for the site opposite, on the eastern (river) side of the road. Instead of holding an exhibition in the village hall as they would have pre-Covid, they have placed information for comment on their website. Please visit http://great-chesterford-development.co.uk/ to see their draft proposals. If you are unable to access the information, please call the Parish Clerk on 542569 and we will arrange for a paper copy to be provided to you. Little Chesterford Parish Council will of course be commenting the resulting planning application in due course,

arrow A tribute to those from Little Chesterford lost in the Great War: Silent Movie

arrow Here is the full response of the Little Chesterford Parish Council to the proposed North Uttlesford Garden Village:Little Chesterford PC response to Local Plan Sept 2017

arrow The Village Hall Management Committee wants to start a collection of pictures relation to Little Chesterford. If you have anything you think would be of interest, which you would be prepared to allow us to copy, please contact Brian Morrison or Ian Couchman

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