The History of
Little Chesterford

An (ongoing) attempt to gather as much information as possible on the history of our village

last updated 12 November 2018

A list of Documents & Pictures

Year. Event
prior to 1066. Manhall (or Manhale) is held by Siward
1086. Manhall is now held by Alan of Brittany and Geoffrey de Mandeville with Siward as tenant.
1199. Manhall is given to St Edmund's Abbey by King Steven & held by the Abbot of Walden Abbey.
13th century. St. Marys Church is built.
1257. Manhall is given to Richard, Earl of Gloucester who built a castle there.
1337 King's inquisition mentions the manor of Manhall owned by Sir Humphrey de Bohun
1581 The former manor of Manhall was leased by the Lord of Chipping Walden
1600 Manhall manor has disappeared. About this time, Audley End House was built by Lord Howard First Earl of Suffolk (1561-1626)
1753 Audley End Estate was split. Audley End House went to John Griffin Fourth Lord Howard de Walden, first Lord Baybrooke. Chesterford Park and house went to Hervey First Earl of Bristol.
1830 Chesterford Park & Estate sold by auction 27th August
1915. Diary of a Gardener
1916. Sale of Chesterford Park ( click link in description to view map)
1918. Silent Movie. A film commemorating those from Little Chesterford lost in the Great War.
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